Mali Armitt’s appreciation for the beauty of our natural world led to the creation of this exquisite and enduring flower design concept.   As head floral designer, who after marrying and living in Italy, decided to take over the business when her father passed away back in 2010.

Her life experiences in the years spent in Sri Lanka and Italy have added to her natural creativity to produce unique and eclectic floral pieces, using a wide mix of materials, unique geometric shapes and patterns that add originality to the Scented Floral Creations designs. Most of all, the flowers longevity is the most unique attribute that make them so appealing at this day and age.

Keeping life simple is her motto

Today we live in a high-paced world where the information highway and technological gadget are an extension of our lives. Having flowers in your home is always a soothing pleasure to come home to especially when their duration is timeless and maintenance free. There is no watering required only just a little admiration. They are safe for people who suffer from pollen related allergies. They keep our lives easy, simple and also save us money. Within just an average of about 3 weekly of purchases of fresh flowers, you have already paid for one of our floral arrangements. The savings are huge.

Perfect for just about any occasion or celebration, Scented Floral Creation’s flowers will be sure to make a lasting impact of your kindness and gesture. What’s more is that you are making a difference on the planet. Enjoy the essence of natural flowers in a responsible and remarkable way.

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